Project Testmanagement
We offer Test Management as a service to improve software quality. From complex international projects to straightforward endeavours - we support you in planning, preparation and execution of software tests. The system under test could be a standard software (e.g. SAP), bespoke development or as well a system of systems.

Sector-independent methodology
We tackle the task by using project management and test methods. Our methodology is applicable cross-industries.

Test infrastructure and tools
Requirements towards infrastructure - both for tools and the system under test - are specified by us, including the agreement for its provision. We support in the tool selection as well as in the implementation phase. If need be, we coordinate the interface with your IT service provider or your tool provider, e.g. during Service Level Agreement negotiation.

In addition to test management, we support you in the specification and selection of test services, following your sourcing strategy. If need be and in close collaboration with the customer - we coordinate and steer the external IT supplier for managed test services, including offshore delivery.

We know both the perspectives of the client and the IT service provider, based on numerous projects.

Our range of services is described in more detail on the following pages.